Joshua ISD District Nursing Coordinator Named School Health Advocate of the Year 2023/24

JOSHUA, TX, May 23, 2024 – Goodside Health is thrilled to announce Tasha Beaird, BSN, RN, District Nursing Coordinator at Joshua Independent School District, as the recipient of the 2023/24 School Health Advocate of the Year award. This award recognizes Tasha’s dedication and impactful contributions to her students and community at Joshua ISD.

When asked about what it means to receive the award, Tasha shared, “I’m appreciative of the award, but I feel like it’s the nurses that do all the work while I support them. I feel like I’m just the cheerleader in the background.” This modesty emphasizes her genuine appreciation for her team and her role in fostering a supportive environment for school nurses.

Group photo of Devin Krueger (GSH), Jane Walker (JISD), Mariana Navarro (JISD), Stacy Hopingardner (JISD), Megan Barlow (JISD), Tasha Beaird (JISD), Kay Armstrong (JISD), Marsha Ferguson (JISD), Jeane Eads (JISD), Matt Balthazar (GSH)

From left: Devin Krueger (GSH), Jane Walker (JISD), Mariana Navarro (JISD), Stacy Hopingardner (JISD), Megan Barlow (JISD), Tasha Beaird (JISD), Kay Armstrong (JISD), Marsha Ferguson (JISD), Jeane Eads (JISD), Matt Balthazar (GSH)

Tasha expressed deep appreciation for her district’s relationship with Goodside Health, stating, “I feel like Goodside Health is my best friend. They support me in my personal life when I got engaged, married, and bought a house—all the big moments in my life. Professionally, I have relationships with providers that I trust. It’s an invaluable relationship; I can’t imagine another place where a relationship like that exists.”

In the fall of 2023, Goodside Health launched its HealthyStudent Days program, bringing annual wellness child visits to schools, overcoming the barriers families face when trying to connect their child to preventative healthcare. When it was presented to Joshua ISD, Tasha was quick to incorporate this program for her students.

Tasha’s commitment to bringing preventative well care into schools is driven by her desire to provide opportunities for students who might not otherwise receive them. “Some guardians just don’t have the opportunity to take their kids or take off work and schedule those appointments. It’s just so easy and convenient to provide that here—they’re already here anyway. Mom and dad don’t have to take off work. It checks all the boxes; it just makes sense,” Tasha said.

Reflecting on the impact of SchoolMed, Tasha noted the significant improvements in their health room operations. “My job here is to make things better for students, parents, and staff and when Goodside Health was presented to us, I felt like this was giving nurses a tool instead of having to say, ‘Go to the doctor,’ to receive care,” she said.

Tasha sees a direct connection between student health and academic success, even in her own children. She shared, “When my kid is sick with strep, they can be treated in the morning, get those 24 hours of antibiotics, and be back the next day. I see the growth they’re able to have because instead of missing close to a week, they only miss one day. And when I see his test scores at the end of the year and how well he’s done, he wouldn’t have been able to do all that had he missed all of that school.”

For the 2023/24 school year, Joshua ISD saved over 21,000 academic hours due to its partnership with Goodside Health, thus saving the district more than $150,000 in average daily attendance.

SchoolMed has had a profound impact on the Joshua ISD community. “Parents aren’t missing work, so they’re able to provide for their families. Students aren’t missing class, so they aren’t missing out on their education. You can see the impact in the community,” Tasha shared.

Goodside Health congratulates Tasha Beaird on this well-deserved recognition and applauds her dedication to improving student health and academic success at Joshua ISD.

Congratulations to all of school health partners recognized during the inaugural 2023/24 School Health Advocate campaign:

School Health Advocate of the Year
Tasha Beaird, BSN, RN – District Nursing Coordinator, Joshua ISD

April 2024 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Taylor Cavazos, BSN, RN – School Nurse, Fort Worth ISD

March 2024 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Alissa Skoog, LVN – School Nurse, Cleburne ISD

February 2024 – School Health Advocates of the Month
Allison Walker, MSN, RN – Health Services Director, Three Way ISD

January 2024 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Britani Ibarra, LPN – School Nurse, IDEA El Paso

December 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Dana Gibbs, RN – School Nurse, Quinlan ISD

November 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Cassie Collamer, BSN, RN & Rachel Thurmond, NRCMA – School Nurse & Medical Assistant, Arlington ISD

October 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Keyla Davila, LVN – School Nurse, IDEA Carver

September 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Jeane Eads, LVN – School Nurse, Joshua ISD

August 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Lauren Maldonado, Thomas “Doc” Allen, & Leah Thompson – Athletic Trainers, Del Valle ISD

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