School Health Advocate of the Month — September 2023

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

In only her second year on the job, school nurse Jeane Eads has proved herself to be a passionate and impactful leader on campus at A.G. Elder Elementary.

Nurse Jeane brought more than 13 years of telehealth and urgent care experience with her to Elder Elementary. Coincidentally, her tenure began just as SchoolMed was in the process of being implemented on her campus.

She was excited to have that tool available in her health room, and she says it continues to help create a healthier environment at school.

“[The program] has changed a lot for parents!” Nurse Jeane said. “After they see the initial visit and see that we can do more, such as testing, parents love it.”

Before SchoolMed, parents wouldn’t always think to take their students to the clinic without a fever. Telehealth at school was new and different, and parents were curious but wanted to know more about the program.

Once parents realized how convenient it is, both for them since they don’t have to leave work and for the kids who get to see a provider more quickly at school, the program really took off.

“When nurses are able to see symptoms and tell parents we can test here [for flu, strep, and covid] … we get the chance to figure out how to get them feeling better much faster, especially if they need medicine to do that,” she added.

Nurse Jeane goes above and beyond as a school health advocate throughout all of Joshua ISD. She showed her fellow district nurses how she incorporates visits into her day, highlighting the partnerships she’s developed with the SchoolMed team.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of the [Goodside Health] providers really well,” she said. “I see them almost every day. We’ve gotten to know how each other operates, almost like in a clinic setting.”

When students have symptoms that over-the-counter medication may help, Nurse Eads rests easy knowing she can facilitate a SchoolMed visit so that students can go back to class, focus and perform better academically.

Thank you, Nurse Jeane and Joshua ISD, for partnering with Goodside Health to ensure your students have access to the healthcare they deserve from the convenience of campus.

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