Yearly Health Check-Ups at Your School!

Goodside Health has made getting your student’s annual check-up easier than ever by bringing HealthyStudent Days right to your campus!

What You Can Expect at a Yearly Check-Up

Your child’s yearly check-up includes checking their physical development, overall health, screening for chronic diseases, and much more! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to check your child’s health!

First, we’ll review your student’s health history

We will measure height, weight, and more

Let’s check your student’s vision

Sit down for a hearing screening

Receive a head-to-toe physical exam

Check for signs of depression*

Age-appropriate vaccines are available

Get referrals to additional care if needed

Yearly check-ups from Goodside Health meet the Texas Health and Human Services Commission’s Health Steps program standards.
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The Benefits of Getting a Yearly Check-Up at Your HealthyStudent Days Event:

Convenient Care

We understand that finding the time to go to the doctor’s office is hard. That’s why our providers will come to your campus! 

Milestone Review

Our providers will check-in on your student’s growth and development with a physical exam and state-required screenings.

Health Tips & Prevention

Your student will receive guidance and education to help prevent chronic conditions and learn how to live a healthy lifestyle.

On-campus Healthcare

When you sign up your student for a yearly check-up, you get access to SchoolMed during the school year! 

Learn More About SchoolMed

How Much Will My Yearly Check-Up Cost?

Most health plans, including Medicaid and CHIP plans, cover the full cost for one (1) annual check-up per year. Contact your student’s health plan for more information. Families without insurance are offered a cash-pay rate.

For questions about cost, call us at (682) 312-6781.

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*Depression screenings are performed on students 12 years and older. Students indicating risk of self-harm or harm to others will be immediately supported during the event and may receive a referral to community services and supports as needed.

Vaccine availability varies by school district.