School Health Advocate of the Month — December 2023

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

When this advocate started her career at Quinlan ISD, it actually wasn’t in medicine. Dana Gibbs began working as a receptionist in 1997, but eight years later she went to seek her nursing degree. She returned to her alma mater as a registered nurse in 2013. Nurse Gibbs sought to make an impact in the community she grew up in, and she’s done exactly that.

Nurse Gibbs is passionate about bringing increased access to healthcare for her students on campus. When a student comes into her office who needs a little extra care, she shares with parents that SchoolMed is a great way to have their student’s current health needs met without the hassle of a waiting room and time away from work.

“Many of the students are not established with a Primary Care Physician. The ease of accessibility with this program has been key for many students. Many would not receive treatment for days, if at all without this program,” Nurse Gibbs says.

Many of the students who use SchoolMed come into Nurse Gibbs’ office with sore throats, headaches, stomach issues/vomiting, menstrual cramping, generalized weakness/fatigue, or fever. This is where a Goodside Health provider is called in through telehealth and accesses the health of a student.

“The Providers are so easy to talk with, very supportive and friendly. I believe this type of working relationship is essential for meeting the needs of the students we are entrusted with,” Nurse Gibbs described.

Students at Ford High School are better because of how Nurse Gibbs prioritizes their health and safety.

“I feel that there is a strong connection between a student’s health and academic success. If the student does not feel well he/she will not perform well in a classroom,” Nurse Gibbs says.

Thank you, Nurse Gibbs, for your dedication to student health and for helping close the gaps in children’s healthcare at Quinlan ISD.

About Goodside Health

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