School Health Advocate of the Month — January 2024

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

Out in west Texas lies a campus health clinic full of energy and driven by passion for student health. Nurse Britani Ibarra, LPN, serves close to 900 students with an average of 60 daily clinic visits. This campus is IDEA Edgemere and is part of the greater IDEA El Paso school district.

Nurse Britani takes pride in her responsibility for the health of her students. Some of those responsibilities include conducting state-mandated screenings, promoting health education, preventative health practices and, of course, among so many other things, taking care of her students when they feel sick at school.

At IDEA Edgemere, “We stand behind the saying; students must be healthy to be educated and educated to be healthy,” Nurse Britani says.

Bringing health education into the school is important to Nurse Britani. She believes students need to learn how to take care of their bodies so they can be their healthiest and academically successful.

SchoolMed has been especially convenient for the military community that is a part of IDEA Edgemere since most primary care providers there aren’t able to take walk-ins or same-day appointments. The students can meet with a Goodside Health provider during their school day when they need it.

Nurse Britani has received much support from her administration team, and because of that she’s been able to make a healthy impact on the lives of the students at IDEA Edgemere.

Thank you, Nurse Britani, for helping close the gaps in children’s healthcare at IDEA Edgemere!

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