Our Story

Our founders established Goodside Health with a vision to reimagine the way in which pediatric care is delivered. The initial premise was simple – to create a safe, welcoming place where families can take children to receive age-appropriate care from compassionate providers right when they needed it.

We are as committed today to our vision of reimagining pediatric care as ever before. As the healthcare landscape evolves and new technologies are created, Goodside Health will continue living our purpose of closing the gaps in children’s healthcare and serving the most vulnerable among us.

Through SchoolMed, Urgent Care for Kids, and Virtual Care for Families, Goodside Health is the comprehensive pediatric care provider that you, your family, and your community deserve.

In 2019, Goodside Health took another ground-breaking step by launching SchoolMed to provide care for our communities in the convenient setting of our schools. In addition to on-demand telehealth provided right on campus, SchoolMed provides districts with access to mental health and wellness services (HealthyStudent Days) and SportsPhysicals+. Thanks to these partnerships with school districts across the nation, we are proud to serve more than a million eligible students and staff with care that considers the Whole Child and the Whole Family.

On November 1st, 2011, our vision became a reality when the first Urgent Care for Kids clinic opened its doors in Keller, Texas. Goodside Health now operates 13 Urgent Care for Kids clinics across Texas. Outside of the traditional four walls of a clinic, we launched our first telehealth solution with Virtual Care for Families in 2018. Today, Goodside Health is proud to have cared for more than half-a-million families through Urgent Care for Kids and Virtual Care for Families.