School Health Advocate of the Month — April 2024

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

In the halls of Tanglewood Elementary walks a dedicated school nurse who leads her campus community with passion and expertise. Taylor Cavazos, BSN, RN, on her fourth year at Fort Worth ISD, brings with her skills from the hospital setting and relay them into the school clinic. When students come into a school clinic with a cough or trouble with asthma, Nurse Cavazos is able to treat her students with confidence, knowing exactly how to treat and or refer to SchoolMed.

“When students don’t feel good, or don’t have any energy, they are not going to be successful sitting in a classroom. Being healthy means our brains are ready to absorb new information thrown our way,” Nurse Cavazos said.

With the support of the district and administrators at Tanglewood, Nurse Cavazos has been able to do more for her students and their health.

Nurse Cavazos describes getting to do more than just applying band aids to wounds and checking for injuries. Throughout her time at Tanglewood, she’s been able to learn, with SchoolMed, how to distinguish between different types of rashes, compare eye infections, test for flu and strep, along with so much more.

“Tanglewood staff love that the students have immediate access to healthcare and can get proper medication. The students [who have to get better from home] then come back to class after a few days of rest and are ready to learn,” Nurse Cavazos described.

Being a part of the school community at Tanglewood means when she is taking care of her students, it has a big impact on parents and families. Nurse Cavazos gets to serve families by offering a health service in school that is available to all students, no matter their financial or insurance situation.

“SchoolMed has been a game changer at Tanglewood. SchoolMed gives immediate answers without the hassle of kids having to miss several days of school waiting to be seen by a doctor. It’s truly a win-win for everyone,” Nurse Cavazos exclaimed.

Thank you, Nurse Cavazos, for your commitment to your Tanglewood community and to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare.

You may have seen Nurse Taylor when we featured Fort Worth ISD in our SchoolMed Success Story video last year!

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