SchoolMed Success Story

A Fort Worth ISD family sits down with a Goodside Health provider to talk about their experience and the convenience of SchoolMed when their child was not feeling well at school.

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Reimagining Healthcare For Kids

Our Core Services:

School Telehealth

Our on-demand telehealth services are powered by smart technology and supported by our multi-cultural/multi-lingual providers.

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Mental Health

Our whole-child approach brings virtual mental health professionals to students when and where they need it most.

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Remote Testing

We deliver on-site rapid COVID-19, strep, and flu testing to keep your students, staff, and educators safe and healthy.

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Improving Outcomes, Changing Lives

"Staff and parents alike have appreciated the onsite testing and quick responses they receive. This has helped us to immediately identify health risks, which has led to easier processes for isolation and quarantining. The opposite scenario is also true in that if a student or staff member receives a negative result, we are able to more quickly continue 'business as usual', reducing time away from work and learning at school.”

“For some of our students that don’t have insurance, they have that opportunity to be able to be seen by a doctor or provider. I did have one student, for example, that did not have health insurance. Her mom registered her in my office. We were able to get her tested for strep which came back positive. We were able to send the prescription to the preferred pharmacy and get her treated. She was able to return to school within a few days.”

"As a mother, I understand how difficult it can be to find convenient healthcare.  Appointments often conflict with work, school, and other important responsibilities.  I also understand how stressful it is when our children become sick or injured.  Easing the burden on families through our school medicine program is one of the most gratifying opportunities I’ve had as a physician."

"I absolutely love [Goodside Health] at school. It’s a virtual doctor visit in the school clinic. Tell them your symptoms & how long you’ve had them, they’ll order you a test right then and there in the nurse’s office. Takes 5 minutes to get the results back. If you have not signed up for it, I really do recommend you do. It keeps you from having to go to the doctor or urgent care & wait two days for your results. The best thing they could’ve ever come up with.”

Our Whole-Child Approach

A whole-child approach encompasses physical and mental care. We believe in supporting the whole-child from their head, to their heart, to their toes. Empowering students through an exceptional experience allows them to shine and live life on the goodside.