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Did you know your student needs to pass a preparticipation evaluation before each season of play? SportsPhysicals+ ensures your student is ready to play physically and mentally in the activities they enjoy.

SportsPhysicals+ are returning Spring/Summer 2024!

Experience SportsPhysicals+

Watch as we follow a SportsPhysicals+ event at Del Valle ISD and learn more about what to expect at your event.

What do you get with SportsPhysicalsSportsPhysicals+ plus symbol?

SportsPhysicals+ provides your student with the state-required physical evaluation to participate in extracurricular activities PLUS important wellness services. When your student participates in SportsPhysicals+ they receive:

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*Every student who reserves a spot for SportsPhysicals+ will also be registered for SchoolMed for the upcoming school year. Click here to learn more about school-based healthcare with SchoolMed.

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What will SportsPhysicals+ Cost my Family?

As applicable, Goodside Health will bill your student’s health insurance plan for services provided during a SportsPhysicals+ event. Many health plans provide coverage for sports physicals. Contact your student’s health plan for more information.

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What if I don’t have insurance?

Goodside Health is committed to providing SportsPhysicals+ to all students, regardless of residency or insurance status. For students without health insurance coverage, SportsPhysicals+ are provided on a $0–$20 sliding scale. Families of students without health insurance may apply for financial assistance below.

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