School Health Advocate of the Month — October 2023

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

We’d like to congratulate IDEA Carver on being a recipient of the National Blue Ribbon Award for their commitment to excellence and closing academic gaps among student groups.

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Just a couple miles from the historic Alamo site in downtown San Antonio lies IDEA Carver, a Blue Ribbon school recipient and part of the IDEA Public Schools system. IDEA Carver is home to K-12 “scholars” where they have the benefit of being taken care of by Keyla Davila, LVN, when they feel sick at school.

Nurse Keyla has been at IDEA Carver for just over a year and goes into work each day with passion, believing that student health is connected to their academic success. “When we feel our best, we perform our best,” Nurse Keyla said.

Students learn inside and outside of the classroom, and when they come into Nurse Keyla’s office, she takes the chance to include education on how to manage symptoms or why symptoms may occur.

“The most beneficial thing [about SchoolMed] to me is being able to provide an equal opportunity for quality healthcare to a low socioeconomic community,” she added. 

Families don’t always have the ability to leave work and take their student to the doctor’s office right when they need it. The SchoolMed program allows students to meet with a Goodside Health provider right on campus when their symptoms start, making all the difference.

When a student presents with symptoms that need another set of eyes or council, Goodside Health providers are ready to join a SchoolMed visit. “They truly engage the child and make them a part of the visit, which is so important. This teaches them how they feel matters and it plants the seed for self-advocating,” Nurse Keyla said.

“Incorporating SchoolMed is a huge service to our communities. It takes the stress out of wondering if a child is going to go home and get seen by a doctor,” she added.

With Nurse Keyla leading her campus health initiatives through SchoolMed, her students can get back to health quicker and perform their best in the classroom!

Thank you, Nurse Keyla, for everything you do for IDEA Carver and for helping close the gaps in children’s healthcare!

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