School Health Advocates of the Month — November 2023

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

Peach Elementary is the largest elementary school in Arlington ISD. Despite its size, the school never overlooks the health of each student. Cassie Collamer, BSN, RN, the campus nurse and Rachel Thurmond, NRCMA, the medical assistant come in each day with the perspective that student health is directly connected to student academic success.

Cassie and Rachel have created an incredible dynamic within their office to incorporate SchoolMed in their day-to-day operations. Cassie assesses each student to determine if they would benefit from meeting with a Goodside Health provider and then Rachel helps with point-of-care testing and calling parents to let them know what’s going on with their child.

“[Because of SchoolMed,] I no longer have to “guess” what is making children ill. I can follow trends easily and adjust my nursing judgement and focused assessments accordingly. I get immediate answers. I no longer must refer out to the community doctors and hope they go,” Cassie says.

The partnership between Peach Elementary and Goodside Health has even extended beyond SchoolMed and has led to bringing on Wellness Events to the campus this Fall. These events provide their students with access to bring Annual Wellness Visits on site.

“I am very excited about this event. Working here at Peach for seven years, I have helped many parents get signed up for Medicaid just to get their children their annual physicals and immunizations. Many of our parents do not have access to routine healthcare and this is just the perfect opportunity to help them out,” Rachel says.

Cassie and Rachel are passionate about ensuring their students can get back to health and it shows in how eager they are to increase access to healthcare on their campus.

Goodside Health is excited to continually expand services so that healthcare can be made available to more and more students. It’s because of advocates like Cassie and Rachel that programs like this can be successful.

Thank you, Cassie and Rachel, for your dedication in helping close the gaps in children’s healthcare!

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