Gain Access to K-12 Healthcare for as Little as No Cost for Your District:

  • Empower school nurses to enable care for every student
  • On-demand telehealth & rapid on-site testing
  • Evergreen student registration with SIS Integration
  • Prescriptions sent to local pharmacies
  • School day support & ongoing training
  • Parents can join every visit through third party calling
See the SchoolMed Experience

Goodside Health bills health insurance providers for all eligible services rendered. Terms & Conditions Apply.

SchoolMed Success Story

A Fort Worth ISD family sits down with a Goodside Health provider to talk about their experience and the convenience of SchoolMed when their child was not feeling well at school.

Purpose-Driven, Mission-Focused

Close the Gaps in Children’s Healthcare

We provide affordable, high-quality pediatric care to students with or without insurance, right in the school’s health room.

School Health & Safety

We improve the population health of your school by providing on-site rapid COVID-19, strep, and flu testing to ensure when it is safe for students to return to class.

Improve Classroom Attendance

Our quick on-site evaluations, testing, and treatments allow students to return to class without ever leaving campus. We increase learning time and help school district budgets.

Elevate Academic Performance

With our quick on-site testing and treatment, healthy students will spend more time in the classroom. Healthy kids learn better and will result in improved test scores.

Telemedicine Built for Schools

A customized and intuitive telehealth software designed by school nurses for school nurses. Every campus receives an iPad with one touch easy access to on-demand healthcare providers via a two-way HIPAA compliant video chat.

Supplies for the Most Common Conditions

Goodside Health ensures every campus receives on-site rapid COVID-19, flu and strep tests as well as over-the-counter medications (pain relievers, common cold/illness treatment, anti-nausea medications, and more), necessary allergy medications, and other necessary supplies to deliver top quality care.

School Day Supports

We provide technical assistance, on-site and remote training, marketing support, and an on-call care team during school hours. District Success Partners, Engagement Coordinators, and Customer Service teams work with your district and school administration to successfully integrate SchoolMed at your campus.

Texas’ largest managed care organization, Superior HealthPlan, is proud to support the SchoolMed program to ensure quality telehealth services are available to all children when they need them.

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