School Health Advocate of the Month — February 2024

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

In the town of Stephenville, TX lies a small, rural school district of under 300 students at Three Way Independent School District (TWISD). Recently, the district has come under new health leadership as Health Services Director, Allison Walker, MSN, RN, stepped into her role this school year.

Allison comes from a charter school nursing background as well as supporting schools in Region 11 through the Education Service Center (ESC) before starting with TWISD. She brings with her a Bachelor and Master of Science in Nursing and a great deal of passion for the health of her students.

At TWISD, teachers and staff always pay close attention to their students’ needs and how they’re feeling.

“I can’t tell you how many times a teacher has sent a student to my clinic because ‘they’re just off’ and the student is running fever,” Allison says.

Allison leads her district knowing that if they expect their students to be successful in school and in life, it first starts with their health. The campus staff is constantly encouraging kids to participate in healthy habits.

“We know that children are resilient, they can be sick with fever or mild symptoms without ever showing signs of slowing down, but they can crash fast,” Allison says.

This is where Allison is proud to have SchoolMed at TWISD. It’s common for students and their families to not have a Primary Care Physician or the luxury to take time off work to go to a doctor or wait at an urgent care. When students can meet with a provider same day, this allows students at TWISD to get better quicker and also avoids unexcused absences for the student and the school.

With SchoolMed, Allison has been able to use more of her nursing skills alongside the SchoolMed providers as she provides her recommendations for her students’ health. Working together allows for the best care at TWISD so that students can continue to succeed in the classroom by participating and connecting with their fellow students.

Thank you, Allison Walker, for all you do at TWISD and helping to close the gaps in children’s healthcare!

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