Goodside Health Launches New Wellness Program to Close Gaps in Children’s Healthcare

AUSTIN & FORT WORTH, TX, Jan. 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Goodside Health, a leading provider of school-based healthcare, is proud to announce the success of their groundbreaking initiative, HealthyStudent Days. With less than 50% of school-aged Medicaid enrollees completing their annual wellness visit in 2022, this innovative program is designed to close gaps in children’s healthcare by offering comprehensive Well Child and Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment (EPSDT) visits directly on K-12 campuses.

Goodside Health partnered with Arlington Independent School District (AISD) to host one of the first HealthyStudent Days events at Peach Elementary in the fall of 2023. Nearly 15% of the school’s population, the majority of whom were Medicaid-eligible, received Well Child Visits (e.g., Texas Health Steps) during the school day.

Cassie Collamer, RN, the nurse at Peach Elementary, expressed her satisfaction with the event, stating, “The event went extremely well, and better than expected. We found several serious health issues that would have gone undetected for who knows how much longer. The process on our part was seamless and efficient, and with excellent communication, all goals were reached.”

Under this groundbreaking model, Goodside Health proactively connects with students who have not received healthcare from a provider in 12-18 months, ensuring that even the most challenging-to-reach members for healthcare payers receive the care they need. Through close collaboration with schools and families, and leveraging local resources, Goodside Health provides comprehensive healthcare services to meet the longitudinal needs of students.

During the HealthyStudent Days event, students seamlessly progress through a series of stations, ensuring a thorough evaluation of their overall health including physical screenings, and age-appropriate mental health assessments. Vaccinations are also administered, subject to campus approval. Goodside Health ensures that the entire process adheres to the requirements set by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA). This approach is designed to fulfill state-specific Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS) measures, including those outlined in the Texas Healthy Steps program for annual well exams in adolescents.

One of the primary advantages of the HealthyStudent Days program is its convenience for parents, eliminating the need for appointments, time off work, and potential loss of wages. This approach removes most Social Determinants of Health (i.e., non-medical drivers of health) barriers, making it easier than ever for parents to prioritize their child’s healthcare.

Looking ahead, Goodside Health is eager to expand its role in students’ healthcare, serving as primary care physicians for some students starting this year. This ensures the continuity of care and follow-up on Well Child visits, with primary care patients having unmatched access to their care team through school, clinics, and telehealth.

The partnership between Goodside Health and school districts exemplifies their commitment to closing gaps in children’s healthcare. By bringing healthcare services directly to campuses, they are transforming the way students receive essential medical care. With their approach and dedication to improving children’s health, Goodside Health is making a lasting impact on the lives of K-12 students.

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