School Health Advocate of the Month — April 2023

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

Near the southern Texas border lies Donna ISD, a district that whole-heartedly supports the health of their students and does what they can to keep their students in class. Marlene Chavez is the nurse at J.P. LeNoir Elementary and a staunch supporter of student health for her campus community.

As an elementary school nurse, Marlene rests easy knowing that students that may not have regular access to healthcare services can now see a Goodside Health provider, from the school health room.

“I’m able to bring a solution that I wasn’t able to before,” Marlene said. “There’s been fewer kids that are sick at school because they’re actually getting to see a provider now.”

Ensuring that families know their students have access to this program is pertinent, and Marlene understands that. That’s why she participates in parent meetings and after-school programming to share with families the benefits of SchoolMed.

“I get to encourage and help nurses at some of the other [Donna ISD] campuses, too,” Marlene added.

Marlene knows the positive effects that come when her entire district takes advantage of the school-based telehealth program, so she goes above and beyond to help out her fellow nurses. And as a parent in the community, she enjoys telling others about what she gets to do and how kids can see a provider on campus.

Bridging the gap between students and healthcare is what it’s all about. Marlene is a true advocate for healthcare in her district and community.

Thank you, Marlene, for helping to close over 100 gaps in children’s healthcare with SchoolMed this school year.

About Goodside Health

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