#CelebrateDiversity, Arab American Heritage Month 2023

#CelebrateDiversity this April

Receiving a federal proclamation for the first time in 2021, Arab American Heritage Month celebrates the achievements and cultural heritage of those with ancestry from the Arabian Peninsula, northern Africa and western Asia, also known as the Middle East.

The vast majority – more than 80% – of the 3.7 million living in the U.S. with Arab heritage are American citizens.1 The richly diverse ‘Arab Nation’ includes nation states and cultures that share a general Arab identity and, frequently, the Arabic language.

One literature review of the available information indicates that, when compared to non-Hispanic whites, Arab Americans may “have a higher prevalence” of metabolic disorders and cardiovascular disease.2

While their population has steadily increased, only recently has primary research been dedicated to identifying Arab health disparities in the U.S.3,4,5 The greatest opportunity to better understand health trends of Arab Americans lies with children, adolescents, and young adults.

Many of the studies available call attention to the disparity in mental health care for Arab American youth and adolescents. The stigma of mental illness varies from culture to culture and remains prevalent in many Arab families and communities.6,7

Goodside Health is committed to serving patients by providing appropriate, quality care that considers the cultural and ethnic backgrounds, lived experiences, and values of every individual. We understand that:

  • Culturally Competent care starts by acknowledging that every racial and ethnic group as well as every person is inherently unique.

  • The way that someone receives, processes, and reacts in a healthcare setting is both rooted in their culture and their own lived experience.

  • ‘What is important to you?’ and ‘How can we be helpful?’ are always appropriate questions for the patient and family.

  • Patients and partners trust Goodside Care to care for their families because of our expertise as well as our capacity to adjust recommendations to best meet the patient’s and family’s life circumstances.

Goodside Health is proud to serve a growing number of increasingly diverse communities through our school-based and virtual care services as well as across our Urgent Care for Kids clinics.

Stay tuned to our Good News page as we celebrate important cultural and diversity observances throughout 2023.

About Goodside Health

Goodside Health is advancing the delivery of pediatric care by partnering with communities to provide access to telehealth, mental health, and well-care services at school, at home, and in the clinic. Relentless advocates for expanding access to care and promoting health equity, Goodside Health leverages a Whole-Child Approach to care and lives our mission of closing gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. To learn more about Goodside Health, please visit www.goodsidehealth.com.

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