Looking Back at the Good News from February 2023

New Partners, Mental Health Updates and More Good News from February

Spring is just around the corner, and Goodside Health is supporting the health and wellness of schools and students for the stretch run of the 22/23 school year.

With more than 2,000 virtual visits in February, SchoolMed surpassed 150,000 student academic hours saved for this school year! That means more learning time and even more opportunities for students to excel inside and outside of the classroom.

Thank you to all of our partners, school nurses, and supports that continue to prioritize the health and wellness of our campus communities.

Let’s take one final look back at the month that was, and don’t forget to bookmark the Good News page for more updates:

Good News!

Goodside Health booth at the 18th Annual Professional School Counselor Conference in Round Rock in 2023.
Goodside Health booth at the 18th Annual Professional School Counselor Conference in Round Rock in 2023.

Your SchoolMed Monthly Insight

Allergens, irritants, physical factors, and even the weather are just a few of the many causes of common rashes. While rashes aren’t always a primary reason for sending students to the health room – they can be!

Every individual with a rash, especially those with persistent ones, can benefit from being seen by a medical provider. Here are some common questions our care team considers when treating rashes and other skin conditions:

  • Have you had a history of rashes or skin conditions?
  • How long has this condition been present?
  • Has it spread to other parts of the body or been confined to the same area?
  • What prescriptions and over-the-counter medications are you taking?
  • Are there any underlying medical conditions or allergies that may be contributing factors?

If you’re concerned a rash may be contagious, spreading, or persistent, SchoolMed providers are here to help. Talk to a provider, ensure your students get the care they need, and they’ll start feeling better soon!

Join the Movement

Goodside Health is excited to recognize our new and returning partner school districts and systems that prioritize the health of their communities with SchoolMed and SchoolMed: Mental Health, including:

  • Mansfield ISD
  • Kerens ISD
  • Valley View ISD

Goodside Health is closing the gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. 

Are you ready to join the school-based healthcare movement? Schedule time with us today to learn more!

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Goodside Health is advancing the delivery of pediatric care by partnering with communities to provide access to telehealth, mental health, and well-care services at school, at home, and in the clinic. Relentless advocates for expanding access to care and promoting health equity, Goodside Health leverages a Whole-Child Approach to care and lives our mission of closing gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. To learn more about Goodside Health, please visit www.goodsidehealth.com.