School Health Advocates of the Month — February 2023

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

Located in a tight-knit community just outside of Fort Worth, Rio Vista Independent School District is in it’s second school year as a SchoolMed partner. It’s a district that makes the health of their campus communities a priority, and their passionate health services team of ShyAnne Burton, Karisma Castillo, and Riley Carroll are proud of the impact they’re making with SchoolMed.

“It’s so rewarding, we see a problem, and now we’re able to provide a solution. It’s satisfying to know that the provider is there to be able to help each student,” said Karisma, who supports Rio Vista Elementary School.

When SchoolMed was first introduced to Rio Vista, the team was concerned it would make their busy days … busier! Over the last couple years, they have begun to see how SchoolMed positively impacts families in their community. “The average visit takes 2-5 minutes, and we have parents coming in thanking us for doing the visit,” Riley added.

This partnership and having direct access to pediatric care has meant a great deal to the Rio Vista community. “Many times, you can’t even get a hold of a provider in the nearest town, and when you do, it can be three weeks for a sick visit,” added ShyAnne.

SchoolMed’s rapid point-of-care testing kits are making a major difference at Rio Vista, especially for strep, and are helping the health services team get students diagnosed and back to health and in the classroom as soon as possible.

“Often times, parents or community members don’t always see school nurses as a resource, but now with SchoolMed, they do,” said ShyAnne. Goodside Health providers and SchoolMed facilitators truly get to collaborate as they prioritize the health of their students.

Thank you, ShyAnne, Karisma, and Riley for helping to close over 400 gaps in children’s healthcare this school year!

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