Comstock ISD Nurse Named School Health Advocate of the Year 2022/23

COMSTOCK, TX, May 11, 2023 – Cassandra “Cassie” Carreon, LVN, of Comstock Independent School District is the recipient of the Goodside Health 2022/23 School Health Advocate of the Year Award.

Nurse Cassie provides health leadership, care, and guidance for approximately 250 K-12 students as well as school staff members in the rural school district located in Val Verde County.

“We kept coming back to someone who is passionate, someone who is dedicated, and someone who is committed to the health of not only students and staff, but also the community,” said Goodside Health Senior Vice President of Operations Matt Balthazar during a ceremony at Comstock School earlier this month.

“Thank you for everything you do,” added Balthazar. “It is an honor to be partnered with someone who is so committed to their community’s health.”

Comstock ISD first implemented the Goodside Health SchoolMed program in 2021, enabling students and staff to access a telehealth visit with a Goodside Health provider when they feel sick at school.

During the 2022/23 school year, Goodside Health has helped its school partners to save an estimated 207,000 student academic hours by closing more than 17,000 gaps in children’s care.

According to Nurse Cassie, many of Comstock’s students commute nearly 20 miles from neighboring Del Rio and don’t always have timely access to healthcare.

“Now, by the time a parent needs to come and pick up their kid, we have them taken care of with a prescription already sent off to their pharmacy,” said Nurse Cassie, noting that a round trip from Del Rio to campus is an hour for most families. “Prior, I would do the best I could and play a guessing game of what [illness] a student might have. Now, we get to eliminate the spread within classrooms.”

SchoolMed “has been a blessing to our district. I appreciate this more than you know,” she added.

Goodside Health is proud to recognize all of its school health partners that serve more than 1.1 million eligible students at more than 120 public, private, and charter school systems across Texas and Florida.

Congratulations to all of school health partners recognized during the inaugural 2022/23 School Health Advocate campaign:

School Health Advocate of the Year
Cassandra “Cassie” Carreon, LVN – School Nurse, Comstock ISD (TX)

April 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Marlene Chavez, LVN – School Nurse, Donna ISD (TX)

March 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Marcia Rose, RN – Health Services Director, Lake Wales Charter Schools (FL)

February 2023 – School Health Advocates of the Month
ShyAnne Burton, RN, Karisma Castillo, EMT-B, and Riley Carroll, LVN – School Health Services Team, Rio Vista ISD (TX)

January 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Margaret Gant, RN – School Nurse, Fort Worth ISD (TX)

December 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Martha Grijalva, RN – School Nurse, Socorro ISD (TX)

November 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Jennifer Davis, RN – School Nurse, Alvarado ISD

October 2023 – School Health Advocate of the Month
Adrianna Montoya, CNA, and Arianna Cortez, LVN – School Nurses, IDEA Mission (TX)

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