School Health Advocate of the Month — January 2023

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

Margaret Gant is a devoted school nurse of six years at Fort Worth ISD and an incredible advocate for the health and wellness of her campus community at West Park Elementary School.   

Nurse Margaret for SchoolMed has been a leading advocate for SchoolMed since she joined the West Park Elementary health services team in 2021.  

“This program allows students to have quick access to care, a student can come into my office at 8am and have the medicine they need to get better by 9am,” she said. “We have the ability to offer so much more because of [SchoolMed].” 

Nurse Margaret joined Westpark Elementary when the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, and she was quickly encouraged to incorporate SchoolMed into her health room.  

She quickly realized SchoolMed made a “world of difference” to her students and their families, some of whom have described the program as “life-changing.”  

“It makes such a difference for single parents, it’s so hard to have to get off work and check kids out of school to take them to the doctor,” she said.

Fort Worth ISD, one of the very first Goodside Health partners continues to expand access to SchoolMed services, and now provides telehealth services in more than half of their campuses across the district. Nurse Margaret, who enjoys educating her fellow health room professionals about the impacts of SchoolMed, continues to be a driving force in improving the health of the entire Fort Worth ISD community. 

Thank you, Nurse Margaret for helping to close over 100 gaps in children’s healthcare at Westpark Elementary School this school year!

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