School Health Advocate of the Year — 2022/23

Thank you for your dedication to closing the gaps in children’s healthcare!

At Comstock ISD, Nurse Cassandra “Cassie” Carreon has been making incredible strides in the health of her students since the first day SchoolMed was available on her campus in 2021.

That is one of the many reasons why we’ve selected Cassie Carreon as the School Health Advocate of the Year.

Cassie, the nurse for K-12, knows each and every student that walks through her door and makes a point to have a good relationship with all the parents.

Goodside Health team members traveled to Comstock present Cassie the School Health Advocate of the Year award in person. Passion and excitement filled the room as we recognized such a deserving person.

SchoolMed “has been a blessing to our district. I appreciate this more than you know,” Nurse Cassie said.

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SchoolMed has become a well-known program to students and parents at Comstock. It has been a vital healthcare resource for not only the school’s 250 students, but also it’s teachers and administration.

“Prior, I would do the best I could and play a guessing game of what [illness] a student might have.,” said Nurse Cassie. “Now, we get to eliminate the spread within classrooms.”

With most parents living 30 minutes or more away from the school – many in neighboring Del Rio –  coming to check out their student to take them to a local “walk-in” clinic means making an hour round trip before even getting their them to a waiting room.

Nurse Cassie rests well knowing students can get a diagnosis in her office and have a plan of care before parents even make the trip to pick up their kiddo.

“Now, I couldn’t imagine this place without using y’all. ‘What would we do, I’m not sure!’ I think about going back and I can’t,” Nurse Cassie said.

We thank Nurse Cassie for the commitment and dedication she has for her community. We also thank our previous School Health Advocates of the Months, and all school nurses as they put the health of their students first each and every day.

Thank you, Cassie, for helping to close over 200 gaps in children’s healthcare with SchoolMed this school year.

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