Looking Back at the Good News from November 2022

As the calendar turns to December and the end of the year draws near, we reflect back on the Good News from November. This month, Goodside Health announced the expansion of its portfolio of school-based healthcare solutions with SchoolMed: Mental Health. 

Last month we shared some insights from SchoolMed visits from the fall semester showing a significant increase in student SchoolMed visits from August through mid-October, and what to expect as the cold and flu season ramps up. Below, we provide further insight into the state of pediatric health and simple ways to encourage campus communities to stay safe and healthy this holiday season.

Good News from November 2022

  • Goodside Health Empowers Students with Same-Day Mental Health Services. This first-of-its-kind program is supporting youth, adolescents, and young adults on their journey to emotional health and well-being by providing timely access to mental health screenings, teletherapy, and crisis response services. If you are interested in mental health services, contact us here. Learn more at goodsidehealth.com/mentalhealth.
  • National Native American Heritage Month. Goodside Health celebrated Native Americans this month by honoring change-makers who paved the way in the education and health sphere and continue to inspire us.
  • Goodside Health CEO Speaks at Virtual Panel: “Schools as a Hub for Community Health.” Discover what Goodside Health CEO and Co-Founder Brian White had to say about the impact of telehealth in schools. White was invited to sit on the “Schools as a Hub for Community Health” virtual panel this month hosted by The MolinaCares Accord.
  • November’s School Health Advocate is Jennifer Davis, RN, BSN at Alvarado ISD! Read about her experience utilizing SchoolMed in her health room and how she has helped to close almost 200 gaps in children’s healthcare just this school year!
  • Thank You, Veterans. Goodside Health joined a grateful nation on Veteran’s Day by sharing six powerful ways to show support for our Veterans.
  • Nurse Practitioner Week: Rising to Meet the Needs of Patients. Thank You, Nurse Practitioners! We shined the spotlight on Nurse Practitioners and the dedication and commitment they show as they make a difference in their patients’ lives every day.
  • All this and so much more … be sure to check out all of the Good News.

SchoolMed Monthly Insight

Medical professionals are calling for a declaration of a state of emergency due to the unprecedented number of children flooding hospitals and emergency rooms. Respiratory infections, particularly Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) are driving this wave.

The common recommendations for staying healthy during holidays are to vaccinate against known communicable diseases, stay away from others if you are sick, and steer clear of those who are ill.

Here are a few tips to keep your campus communities on the Goodside of Health during the holidays that are sometimes overlooked:

  • Sit a little less, move a little more.
  • Get more sleep, and try to keep to a consistent sleep schedule.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Make time to connect with people and unwind a bit. 

These simple reminders can help encourage schools and communities to stay safe and healthy this holiday season. 

Thank you for joining us in our mission to close the gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. 

To those yet to join the SchoolMed movement, let’s talk about the impact that Goodside Health’s portfolio of school-based services, including mental health supports, can make for students in your district. Click here to schedule time with us today!

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Goodside Health is advancing the delivery of pediatric care by partnering with communities to provide access to telehealth, mental health, and well-care services at school, at home, and in the clinic. Relentless advocates for expanding access to care and promoting health equity, Goodside Health leverages a Whole-Child Approach to care and lives our mission of closing gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. To learn more about Goodside Health, please visit www.goodsidehealth.com.