Thank you, Nurse Practitioners! Nurse Practitioner Week: Rising to Meet the Needs of Patients

AUSTIN, Texas — From the critical role they play in providing high-quality, patient-centered care to interpreting medical tests and prescribing medications, Nurse Practitioners are valued collaborators on any healthcare team. Goodside Health joins the American Association of Nurse Practitioners in celebrating Nurse Practitioner Week. 

This year’s theme, NPs: Rising to Meet the Needs of Patients, highlights the dedication and commitment of NPs as they fill gaps in healthcare. NPs often serve as primary care providers, as they are uniquely qualified to meet the needs of a diverse array of patients.

From our SchoolMed, Urgent Care for Kids Clinics, and corporate teams, we are delighted to shine the spotlight on our NPs and NPs everywhere! Nurse Practitioners make a difference in their patients’ lives every day. 

Thank you, Nurse Practitioners, for everything you do to keep our communities safe and healthy.

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