Looking Back at the Good News from April 2023

#CelebrateSchoolNurses Continues, Medicaid Redeterminations & More!

After two awesome events at Ferris ISD, SportsPhysicals+ season is officially underway. Contact Goodside Health to reserve your summer event slot!

Oh April, how we shall miss thee. It’s been an incredible month of closing the gaps in children’s care here at Goodside Health. Even more schools are joining the school-based healthcare movement, and preparations are underway for 2023/24!

That doesn’t mean we’re getting ahead of ourselves. There is much work to be done in the final month-plus of the 2022/23 school year, including the announcement of the inaugural School Health Advocate of the Year.

Here’s one more look back at the Good News from April. (And don’t forget to bookmark the Good News page for regular updates!)

Good News!

Your SchoolMed Monthly Insight

Is it just us, or are allergies starting earlier in the year and lasting longer? If you’re an allergy sufferer, you know all about a runny and stuffy nose, scratchy throat, itchy eyes, headaches, and fatigue. Allergy symptoms can get in the way of school, fun, and family time.1

So, is it a common cold or is it hay fever?

  • Common Cold: a viral, usually mild, infection of the upper respiratory system.
  • Hay Fever: the onset of symptoms from an individuals allergic reaction to pollen.

Given the similarities of the symptoms, it’s never a bad idea to ask your local provider for help. There are three symptoms that — according to the American Academy of Pediatrics healthychildren.org — three symptoms usually indicate hay fever is the cause of discomfort2:

  • “A clear, watery nasal discharge”
  • “Itching of the eyes, ears, nose, or mouth”
  • “Spasmodic sneezing”

Remember that fever is never a symptom of allergies or hay fever and usually signal an infection.

For students with asthma, allergies can exacerbate asthma-related symptoms, and a visit with a healthcare provider to identify the cause and prevent worsening symptoms is strongly recommended.

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Joining the School-based Healthcare Movement!

Goodside Health is excited to recognize our new and returning partner school districts and systems that prioritize the health of their communities with SchoolMed, SchoolMed: Mental Health, and SportsPhysicals+.

  • Industrial ISD
  • IDEA Rio Grande Valley
  • IDEA Houston
  • Alief ISD
  • Mercedes ISD
  • Del Valle ISD

Goodside Health is closing the gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. 

Are you ready to join the school-based healthcare movement? Schedule time with us today to learn more!

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Goodside Health is advancing the delivery of pediatric care by partnering with communities to provide access to telehealth, mental health, and well-care services at school, at home, and in the clinic. Relentless advocates for expanding access to care and promoting health equity, Goodside Health leverages a Whole-Child Approach to care and lives our mission of closing gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. To learn more about Goodside Health, please visit www.goodsidehealth.com.

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  2. Is it Allergies or a Cold? How to Tell the Difference. 2021. The American Academy of Pediatrics.