A Message From Goodside Health Following This Week’s Tragedy in Uvalde

AUSTIN & FORT WORTH, Texas — The hearts and minds of our Goodside Health team remain with the families and communities reeling and grieving from this week’s tragedy in Uvalde. 

Like you, we are still processing this senseless act of violence. We come to work each and every day in our clinics and across our SchoolMed communities to make a positive impact on the lives of the children and families we are so honored to serve. It makes us who we are as an organization, and it’s one of many reasons that this tragedy hits so close to home.

We asked our team members to share their feelings about this week’s events. This word cloud reflects our collective thoughts as our nation continues an important dialogue around mental health and keeping students safe at school.

While our responses differed, each response deserves to be acknowledged. Connection and togetherness play a vital role in times of tragedy, sadness, and confusion. Goodside Health is proud to be part of incredible communities both here in Texas and around the nation.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to a Whole Child Approach to healthcare for every student. Thank you to our team members, our partners, and every community for making the physical and mental health and wellness of our children the priority it deserves to be. 


Your Partner in Whole Child Health,

Goodside Health

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