The SchoolMed Telehealth Experience

Reimagining the pathway to care for every student!

Accessing real, quality health care at school has transitioned from novel idea to fundamental necessity for more campuses than ever before.

As more districts, systems, private and charter schools recognize the importance of school-based care, your Goodside Health team remains steadfast in our commitment to innovation as we reimagine the pathway to care for every student.

We’re pulling the curtain back to share more about the true SchoolMed telehealth experience.

Sign-up at School Today, Tomorrow or Anytime Online

There are only two requirements to accessing to the SchoolMed telehealth program. The first is making sure families are signed-up for the program.

SchoolMed registration is available 24/7/365 at We also work with every school to integrate  into SIS systems to make sign-up a simple option for families at the beginning of the school year. 

Be Prepared When Students Feel Sick at School

The second requirement for program participation is one that we never ever like to see – but still is very likely to happen – and that’s for a student to feel sick at school.

That’s why SchoolMed also offers same day registration. When students feel sick, they can register that same day and within minutes have access to a Goodside Health provider right from school.

Sore Throat? Headache? Tummy ache? Time to see the School Nurse!

It happens every day. A student gets off the bus ready to take on the day, only before they know it they don’t feel well, and they’re struggling to pay attention in class.

The teachers quickly notices, sending the student to the school health room. Your trusted school nurse is the first to review symptoms. And if they think your student can benefit, they initiate a SchoolMed visit. Within moments, a Goodside Health provider is on the screen. 

If They’re Available, Let’s Get Mom or Dad on the Visit, too!

Many parents have jobs that prevent them from leaving on a whim … Still, that should never prevent them from missing out on the opportunity to have an informed role in caring for their kiddos.

SchoolMed enables parents to join every visit from anywhere. They get a text message with a secure link and can hear from their student, the provider, and play an important role in the care process in moments.

Evaluating Symptoms with a Student-friendly Approach

“Who’s your favorite Superhero?” Feeling sick can be scary for kids. Our team goes the extra mile so that your student knows that we’re a safe, trusted place to talk about the things that are making them feel crummy – and the things they like the most. 

By combining virtual providers with on-site support and parental involvement, SchoolMed is equipped to get every kiddo back to health as safely and quickly as possible.

A Plan of Care for the Unique Needs of Every Student

For a student, explaining why they feel sick is rarely as straight-forward as it is for adults. In every telehealth visit, we take the time to understand each symptom and a possible cause.

Most students can receive care right in the school health room, though some need to go home to feel better, and others may need a specialist opinion. Goodside Health providers work to ensure that every student gets the right care at the right time, from the right provider.

Can Your Student Go Right Back to Class? It Depends …

During the COVID pandemic, almost every symptom was reason for serious concern. With SchoolMed, that’s no longer the case.

For students with non-communicable diseases, school nurses have the confidence to safely send them back to class by treating symptoms like headaches, tummy aches, and coughs with OTC medications from the help of a licensed prescribing provider. Did you know? Students taking part in a SchoolMed visit return to class the same day up to 50% of the time!

Sent Home? Getting Sick Kiddos Back to Health, ASAP

Fever is among the most common reasons for a SchoolMed visit, and it’s an immediate indicator that a febrile student can benefit from resting at home.

When a student does need to go home to feel better, Goodside Health providers send prescriptions to the local pharmacy, excuse notes to school and work, and develop a plan of care that prevents unneeded school absences.

Give Your Students Have the Pathway to Care They Deserve

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