Goodside Health Celebrates a Decade of Reimagining Pediatric Care

AUSTIN & FORT WORTH, Texas — Goodside Health, the leading provider of in-school telehealth, virtual family care, and clinic-based pediatric urgent care, commemorates it’s 10-year anniversary this month by continuing to live its purpose of closing the gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution.  

“There is nothing more important than your children, especially when they’re sick. Deciding where to go and who is going to be in charge of your child’s health in that moment in time is a major decision,” said Brian White, Goodside CEO and Co-founder. “To go to work every day and know that at the end of the day, you really helped out a family and helped out a kiddo and made a positive impact, that’s by far the best part of these past 10 years.”

Established by White and President and co-founder Kevin Pearce, Goodside Health opened the door to its first pediatric urgent care patient in Keller, TX, on Nov. 1, 2011.

Today, Goodside Health provides SchoolMed telehealth services for more than 700,000 eligible students across 65 school districts, family-based telemedicine through Virtual Care for Families, and has provided care to more than 500,000 patients across 13 Urgent Care for Kids clinics.

“When we set out 10 years ago, we had investors, partners, and team members hoping we could bring this vision of reimagining pediatric healthcare delivery to life,” said Pearce. “As the world evolves and technology has advanced, our desire and hope to advance healthcare delivery for kids that are vulnerable and underserved is stronger today than ever before.”

About Goodside Health

Goodside Health is advancing the delivery of pediatric care by partnering with communities to provide access to telehealth, mental health, and well-care services at school, at home, and in the clinic. Relentless advocates for expanding access to care and promoting health equity, Goodside Health leverages a Whole-Child Approach to care and lives our mission of closing gaps in children’s healthcare through innovation and execution. To learn more about Goodside Health, please visit