Identify the Silent Sufferers

Goodside Health’s SchoolMed mental health program services include screenings, teletherapy, and crisis supports as well as referrals for ongoing care.

What is a Mental Health Screening?

Mental health screenings are simple, evidence-based sets of questions designed to enable the early identification of and interventions for mental illness, including depression and anxiety.

When activated, SchoolMed presents three distinct ways to bring mental health assessments to students, each of which helps to cast a wide net that can recognize the silent sufferers.

Surveillance Screenings*

Surveillance screenings are embedded within the SchoolMed visit process. When a student joins a Goodside Health provider on a SchoolMed visit, our licensed providers will administer the mental health assessment.

Universal Screenings*

Universal screenings are administered to an entire eligible student population at one time. Goodside Health and the school district will partner to identify the best time and location to administer the screening.

Whole Child Physicals

Each spring and summer, our Whole Child Physicals combine the benefits of a standard sports participation physical with other services that consider the Whole Child, including mental health assessments and more.

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