Goodside Health Expands District Partnerships: Closing the Gaps in Children’s Healthcare

AUSTIN, Texas — Goodside Health, the largest school-based telehealth provider in the United States, is rapidly expanding its partnerships with school districts for the 2021/2022 School Year throughout the nation. The Austin-based healthtech company closes gaps in children’s healthcare by bringing on-demand telehealth and mental health services to schools at no-cost to districts. Through their SchoolMed program, Goodside Health removes barriers to care, improving healthcare access and equity in the community.

Over the last three years, Goodside Health has worked closely with school district nurses and leaders to deliver positive outcomes for students through their innovative SchoolMed program. As district leaders prepare for full enrollment in the upcoming year, Goodside Health is leveraging its healthcare operations experience and intimate knowledge of school districts to deliver prompt, effective telehealth and mental health services for schools resulting in safer and healthier learning environments. With on-demand access to medical providers who can assess, diagnose, and treat students, school nurses, counselors and athletic trainers are empowered to provide students better access to healthcare, treating everything from strep throat, flu and COVID-19 to mental health and sports physicals. The program takes a proactive value-based healthcare approach leveraging elevated patient engagement to focus on early identification and treatment which among other positive impacts, results in reduction in emergency room utilization. 

“We’ve drawn on our deep healthcare experience and knowledge of schools to create transformative partnerships with school nurses and district leadership, to increase access to healthcare for students, staff and families,” President Kevin Pearce explained. “Our SchoolMed program is significantly improving health equity in the communities we serve and making a meaningful impact on the health and academic performance of the students and families we treat.”

Goodside Health has grown significantly by continuing to evolve to meet the needs of school districts during the current public health crisis. They serve over 1,000 schools and continue to grow their team and service offering to support their district partnerships and the healthcare needs of students.

About Goodside Health

Goodside Health partners with districts to bring on-demand telehealth and mental health services to schools at no cost to the district. These partnerships deliver equitable worldclass care in the school nurse's office, and their whole-child approach to care helps students live a healthier, happier, more engaged, and academically successful life. For more information, follow Goodside Health on Twitter, or LinkedIn, or visit www.goodsidehealth.com.